Test Centered Learning Tool

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Project description

Test Centered Learning Tool (TCLT) aims at enabling students to work in a test-driven environmnet. The key aspects are:

  • The students automatically get response on assignments handed in. This alternative form of learning enables students to learn at their own pace and at their own time.
  • The students work in an industry-like interactive test driven development.

This is a blended learning approach where the students, in addition to formal feedback on the assignments, get customised response such as videos and online resources.

The project runs for a two year period from 2014 to 2015 at University of Agder.

Main project Participants

Headshot of Morten Goodwin
  • Morten Goodwin, Associate Professor, Ph.D.
  • Project Coordinator
  • Expertise: Programming, Machine Learning
Headshot of Christian Auby
  • Christian Auby, Assistant Professor
  • Lead developer
  • Expertise: Programming, System development, Agile
Headshot of Per Arne Andersen
  • Per Arne Andersen
  • Scientific Developer
  • Expertise: Programming, System development, Peer review
Headshot of Vera Barstad
    • Vera Barsted
    • Scientific Developer
    • Expertise: Programming, Machine Learning
    • Folke Haugland, Associate Professor
    • Scientific Researcher
    • Expertise: Programming
Headshot of Hallgeir Nilsen
  • Hallgeir Nilsen, Assistant Professor
  • Researcher
  • Expertise: Programming
Headshot of Even Åby Larsen
  • Even Åby Larsen, Associate Professor
  • Researcher
  • Expertise: Programming
  • Erik Mong, KnowIT
  • Researcher
  • Expertise: Programming
  • Vidar Alvestad, Skatteetaten
  • Researcher
  • Expertise: Programming


  • Knut Eivind Sandmark
  • Anders Refsdal Olsen
  • Martin Engen
  • Bård Haddeland
  • Jon Arne Bø Hovda
  • Marius Flottorp
  • Sahand Johansen
  • Martin Mollestad
  • Jon Erlend Kronborg
  • Paul Richard Lilleland
  • Silje Madalena Oliveira Unander


The students are activly using the following tools:

Presentations and papers

Scientific Publications

  • Vera Barstad, Morten Goodwin and Terje Gjøsæter. "Predicting SourceCode Quality with Static Analysis and MachineLearning", Norsk Informatikkonferanse, 2014